BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

Charlie now works for a company called Meridian Web Design, as does his beautiful wife, Black Sniper. This is a small website design company located in San Ramon, CA. San Ramon is also the home of a pretty deece skate park, I am hearing over the news. Well that is, the news of my brain.

The Divisions Page (and correspondingly, all member images) have been updated to include Halo 3 instead of Halo 2, and StarCraft 2 instead of StarCraft.


The Band of Maniacal Brothers are proud to present three new websites: Nebulous Firefight, Complex Metropolis, and Reaper Charlie vs Quimby!

Nebulous Firefight is a chronicling of the many tales of Daniel Turner, from the least to the greatest, from the radically redundant to the ragingly ridiculous, from the bold and brash to the beautiful and brilliantly brutal.

Complex Metropolis is the dark region where Joe Weaver will showcase his works of fiction and fact, of fidelity and falsehood, and of penetrating perseverence in the face of all odds…

The Band of Maniacal Brothers had another successful LAN event this December, hosted by BMB_Stinger and Yaeger Dental Supply!

Venom came out on top, with LvlCapBlue coming second, Scream coming third, and with Quimby and Charlie tying for fourth. We had a number of new players at this LAN, and for the first time we had a few sponsors, and small mini-competitions featuring prizes like a new computer motherboard, a lighted tower case, or 12-15 inch neons for your rig. The l337ness was abundant, and aside from some BF2/JK2 patching issues, the event went off without a hitch for the most part. Thanks again to Yaeger Dental Supply for hosting the event, and to BMB_Stinger for putting the entire thing together!

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