BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

And thus, a new year dawns upon us. And the killing fields remain bloody. Nothing much is new to report, but the Annual Yaeger Dental Winter Fragfest of 2008 was AWESOME and we all had a great time and met new people! As soon as I get some pictures, I will share them with all of you!

I’ve re-released two websites, both Spark-Realm and the S.W.A.T. website. They now have much more content than before! You can download all of the maps, patches, and graphics you want at Spark-Realm, and you can learn how to play Spark, learn new tactics, train others to play, or get personal training yourself, on the S.W.A.T. website!

December 13, 2008

BMB Winter Fragfest 2008

  • Projected Schedule – Friday 12/26/08 – Saturday 12/27/08
  • 517 Marine View Ave. Suite C, Belmont, Ca. 94002
  • To register, e-mail Tim Yaeger, Jr. @
December 5, 2008

BoMB.Spark didn’t fare so well over the last 3 weeks of SSL, and we rounded out the season with 1-11, the same record as last league (ISL). However, we’ve learned a lot as a clan, and are actually doing much better together.

We picked up and lost about 20 members over the course of SSL, and though we will miss those who are gone, we will also pee on their graves and shout contemptible words as they batter our tanks while wearing other clans’ tags.

The best we can do from here is to fall back, regroup, and launch another attack next league! Our new team leaders, FingerS and INsIgNIa, should be very helpful in the area of organizing practices and making sure everyone gets to games on time! Get active on the forums, and prepare to kick some tail!

Chop til you drop!


November 28, 2008

Our second weekend of SPL Scout League was not so mixed as the first. First game, we had the misfortune of having only one starter show, and second game, none of them showed. This was, as it appears to be at first glance, and as could only be expected, quite disastrous.

The result was two quick 3-0 losses against both *uFo* and uAc, and though the less-skilled players of BoMB.Spark put up a valiant fight (and I do mean valiant), the inevitable happened, and we slowly succumbed to the impenetrable barrage of lasers brightly destroying our hope. We were systematically destroyed by superior firepower and tactics, both in Satuday’s game, and Sunday’s game.

However, I am confident that BoMB.Spark will return in a cloud of blossoming fire and glory. It is only a matter of time.


November 21, 2008

The first weekend of SPL Scout League was a mixed bag for BoMB.Spark. Our first game was a complete 3-0 victory versus a surprised =NoF=. Our starters were proJect, valve, RareOps, and Empirus, with INsIgNIa subbing for Empirus after the first cap (due to Empirus having to leave). Congratulations to the team, and to RareOps, who picked up the MVP! View the game’s stats here…

Our second game was entirely different. None of our regular starters showed up except proJect. Our newest brother Empirus, who starts when our others are away, was our only other power player who made it to the game. But due to =LN= showing their top line, and some crazy lag issues, we were defeated 0-3. Congrats to Epi of =LN=, who was named MVP of that game. View the game’s stats here…


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